Friday, 14 October 2016

The Girl on the Train (Movie)

Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett
Justin Theroux, Luke Evans
Tate Taylor
Charlotte Bruus Christensen
Danny Elfman
Michael McCusker
Andrew Buckland
DreamWorks Pictures
Reliance Entertainment
Marc Platt Productions
Release Date
September 20, 2016
1 Hour & 52 Minutes

My Thoughts
The Girl on the Train is based on Paula Hawkins' debut novel of the same name released in 2015. Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) is alcoholic and divorced who is still missing her ex-husband, Tom Watson (Justin Theroux) who is married to Anna Boyd (Rebecca Ferguson). Rachel travels in a train every day and had been observing a young couple (Haley Bennett and Luke Evans) in a house in her ex-husband’s neighborhood. These couple reminds her of what Rachel used to be and what she dreams to have. One day, Rachel sees that young woman with another man. And next day, she comes to know that the woman has mysteriously disappeared. Rachel resolute to find the girl and what happens in the process makes most part of the story.

The Girl on the Train is a journey of self-realization and letting go of past. It is a tale of a bunch of women whose life is affected by a man. The cinematography brings out a feeling of eeriness.  

I am half way through the book now, which is simply unputdownable! It is complex and plays with the general psychology of the reader; it often misleads us. The movie also has tried its best to bring all those engrossing aspects. But the script is too complex. It shuttles between the lives of three woman –Rachel, Anna and Meghan. It oscillates and throughout the first half, leaves the audience confused.

Overall, it is a movie that could be watched to see how our favorite book is recreated onscreen. But, I would recommend the book over the movie. Oops!!!


PS: A detailed book review will follow soon. I am sure that I would talk more there :P

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