Monday, 17 October 2016

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 29

Heart : I really wish you talk me. Sighs!
Mind   : Oh-Em-Gee! I thought that you always wanted me to shut up. What happened to you now? Sarcastic
Heart : Okay. Make fun of me now. I feel like I need you the most now. But, as always you don’t disappoint me. Why do you always want to meet my expectations?
Mind   : Come on! Be happy that at least I meet your expectations.
Heart : What does that mean? Don’t I meet your expectations?
Mind   : Of course not! You significantly exceed.
Heart : Can you stop being cryptic and blurt out?
Mind   : See, you said you wanted to talk. So I started talking to you because I guessed that’s what you wanted. But look at you, you are fighting with me. I never expected that.
Heart : Oh! So I am that one who is fighting. Not you. Blame me. That’s all you can do.
Mind   : when did I say that?
Heart : Chuck it please. I really wish you talk to me. Sighs!
Mind   : ^%&(@#%@#@

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  1. Heart and mind.always at loggerheads but when they meet its so beautiful.