Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Army of Thoughts

An army of thoughts
Attacking me from all the directions
From you to her...
Him to me...
And none...
Infinite thoughts they are
Baseless they could be...
Stupid they might be...
But in this battle...
I am helpless; hopeless
So I sit down and cry...


  1. Thoughts are subtle and to hold it strong we need the calmness of mind.

  2. Hope you find a way to battle down all :) I too feeling hopeless these day... but much better now.

  3. If only we could control thoughts...!
    Pretty lines and thoughtful ones.

  4. Do not be helpless, because thoughts only have brought you to this blogosphere. Meaningful lines,Satya.

  5. Touching poem, Satya.
    Even I feel down at times. I just let myself to read or to watch TV. Doing so helps me get rid of crowd of thoughts.
    TC, keep smiling :-)

  6. Give sometime...the line of thoughts will change.