Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Kalpathy Theru 2016

Because Kalpathy Theru is not just a festival, but an emotion!

Kalpathy Theru extends for 9 days, and last three days are most special... 

These pictures are taken on 7th day - Kalpathy Shivan Kovil (Temple)

The brilliant Kalpathy Theru, decorated to roll across the streets...

The Theru (car) of Kalpathy Shivan Temple would not move if elephant does not touch it... 

That's the Shivan temple... With the flag (kodi) signifying the festival flying high!

The streets are lit with these...

Kalpathy is considered as heritage village... 

Famous for its cultural and traditional values... 

Here are glimpses of carnatic music kutcheri

When some of special ones happily posed for me!

Theru kadai (shops)... Cz its not just festive but also shopping time!

It doesn't matter whether you already have these or not... 

But buying during theru season is inevitable!

Well, its not just temples, music and crowd... There are some eateries around too!

Thats Lord Gopalakrishnan (of Old Kalpathy) dressed as Mohini on the 7th day!

Lord Ganesha...

Random clicks... Because as I said, theru is an emotion.. 

An excuse to meet old friends, family get together...

Look beyond caste, creed and religion!


  1. Awesome and very mesmerizing images and statements, friend Locomente ... Hi, again, friend ... have not forgotten you ... smiles ... just doing some serious travelling and things ... ... Love, cat.

    1. ... :)

  2. That is one great post.I always like to read about the temples,their unique features and festivals.The pictures spoke eloquently and brought the scene before the mental eye.
    Tell me how did you bring caption in the yellow border around the pics.Is there any app for it?

  3. I absolutely loved your post. The photos added all the charm. No need to give big descriptions as photos catch the depict right essence of the atmosphere.
    Here via kp.He is a great friend of mine.i have been to Kalpathy I like to visit temples and make posts.I had heard so much abt these festivals and visited the heritage village and temple. But it was not during festival. Going thru your post was like being there. Thanks a lot

  4. Lovely post! So many things happen during our temple festival! Where is this temple situated?

  5. I read in detail the news in the daily about the Kalpathy Rathotsavam.Some sort of attraction pulls me to it.True,Satya, it is culture, togetherness and sanctity.You have clicked all the aspects needed. I really enjoyed it.Thank you for this post.