Saturday, 31 December 2016

Adieu 2016

Every end brings a new beginning. New Year just reiterates this. It's an opportunity to sit back and reflect upon the days that has gone by... The new people we met who qualified to be defined as our friends; whose smile became our sunshine. And some old friends who became strangers due to fault in our stars or due to the villainous act of circumstances or by choice. Of course, few others who came back to our life with a renewed zeal. 

Have you noticed? Memories have a strange way of meddling with our mind. With each passing day, bitter memories are moved to recycle bin and most of the times, without our knowledge permanently deleted. And the good ones only become better. Maybe that's why as we grow up we tend to forgive others for the pain inflicted by them and ourselves for all the wrong choices as well as stances taken.

As I write this last post of this wonderful year, I feel at peace. I realize that I have understood a lot and even got different perspectives about many things. Every day has taught me some lesson or the other.

I have also learnt to appreciate small things in life... A couple of days before, I was walking to the nearby grocery store. I noticed two little girls walking hand in hand with a mischievous grin. When they neared me, the youngest among the two smiled at me and gave a little flower. It was as tiny and cute like her. That simple gesture elevated me off the ground. It pepped up my spirits. I don't even know why I deserved that flower and why she wanted to give it to me. I don't know them at all. Yet, as I recall that incident, I am smiling. That's the beauty about small things. So I have decided to write a note (a sentence or two) everyday about what made me happy that day. I am planning to read it at the end of next year and hopefully feel blessed and thankful. I see people generally posting #100daysofhappiness in Facebook. But this will remain personal - between me and the universe. If you think this is a good idea, I urge you to do it too. On any given day, if you think nothing noteworthy has happened, just smile at a random stranger; like how that little girl smiled at me and offered the flower. You will not only create something wonderful for you to cherish, but also give another person a beautiful memory!!!

On that high and positive note (hopefully), I wish you all happiness and good health in the coming year. See you all next year, i.e., tomorrow. Until then, bubbye

PS: writing after a really long time... And that too typing on mobile phone. So pardon me for the bad font and formatting... And for silly mistakes too...


  1. This year has given me too lot of memories of being close to many people and the travel to different places. I really feel like I moved a step in life and love this year. I completely accept the LAW OF ATTRACTION theory. This year's memories has given a new path in life moving ahead.

  2. Still it is worth,Satya.True every meeting has a parting and every parting has a meeting-alike or different.