Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Opposites Attract?

"Adi, we both are so different. I'm not sure how this is going to work out", I had asked Aditya several years before.

"Come on Shradha you know opposite attracts", he had winked.

It was still a time when he was madly in love with me and I was uncertain about accepting the proposal. After several months of relentless coaxing, I accepted his love. Rather, I confessed that I have always been in love with him. I thought that it was just a beginning of an amazing togetherness and I was excited too because my life looked crystal clear; the certainty factor often overwhelming me.

Years passed. Seasons changed. Mobile phones came and they were even replaced by smartphones. We migrated from STD calls and moved towards video calls. We also moved on from a time when photograph of a loved one was cherished like a priceless treasure; apart from hiding it from parents, siblings, friends and even a random stranger. And we smoothly transitioned to the current scenario where photograph is just a DP away!

When everything around us changed, one thing remained constant between us - we continued to remain opposites!

Eventually, when our worlds drifted apart. I struggled to move on. But, he easily held another girl's hand and happily refreshed his life.

"Everything happens for a reason Shradha", Adi had remarked before leaving forever.
"If that's the case, why did we even meet Adi", I had reasoned.

"Past is past. You can't undo anything or drown in an ocean of regret. So better accept the reality and look forward", he preached.

I was in no mood to understand his philosophy. At the same time I didn't want to drown in any ocean of regret. After all, I knew that I shall always cherish the times spent with him. Maybe I always knew that our relationship would not have the "happily ever after" tag attached to it. Maybe that's why I had asked him how things could work out between us because I felt we were poles apart. I am emotional, he is practical. When I used to plan for the future, he used to live for the moment.

I wish I was like him too.


  1. You be yourself. Don't change.

  2. You can only be you...it is not easy to change! Maybe this has happened for good.

  3. Yeah, but I think it's still better if you're more similar than different. We're all unique, we will never be the same. But at least it's less complex if we're NOT that different. Or learn to compromise. :)

  4. So when opposites attracted the bond made you synonymous,so you repelled.Good that you won't drown in agony.Fold the already viewed book,keep it in a closed shelf.March forward.Nicely fictioned.