Thursday, 2 February 2017

Sky - The Only Truth

Nights are always dark. But that night was a little too dark for it was a no moon night. It looked like the stars had gone for a vacation too. She wanted to gaze at the sky and be lost in thoughts. But the emptiness and the obvious darkness made her feel a little lonesome. But she shrugged away those thoughts. 

"Think something positive. The universe is listening", she urged herself. 

But, nothingness and cynicism had become a way of her life. She didn't know any other way. She had seen many people come and go like the passing clouds. They had briefly stayed in some beautiful forms only to be disintegrated from her world. 

"But I don't want to be a victim of time", she told herself. 

She wanted to forget the sun and the moon. Or the numerous clouds and stars. After all, she was the sky - the truth. That thought made her smile. 

Sky is the most underrated truth of the universe. The sun might set and the moon might be a suffered of mood swings. The stars might go unseen and the clouds might meander. Even the mother earth might lose her patience. But the sky never falls down. That momentary realization gave her the much needed peace. 

She braced herself for the new life that was waiting for her...


  1. Such a beautiful description of the sky, Loco!
    Missed you around!


    1. Thanks Geets... I will b around more I guess in the cmng days...

  2. Sky is nothingness. Nothingness, I tell ya, is the only reality of our lives. At least mine! :)

    Destination Infinity

    1. True... I agree with you... Like sky our life is a composition of nothingness