Wednesday, 26 April 2017

What is a Relationship?

ast day I was thinking, what relationship is all about? Is it caring and unconditional love? Or is it togetherness and trust. If you notice, the last two sentences are contradicting.  Caring and unconditional love could be one sided. But togetherness and trust is built through interpersonal relationship. When the first sentence supports unrequited love, the second shouts companionship. With each passing day, I realize that I prefer and need companionship more than love.  What is the use when someone in a distant land is missing you, thinking about you and has promised to be there for you when you need them? “I will be there when you need me”, is a subjective term to be more specific. I might need you now. I might not need you for the next two months. I mean, such needs are driven by emotions and situations. And what is a greater joy than knowing that someone is waiting to hear you speak at the end of the day? Isn’t it delightful to let your hair down and be yourself? But this overrated concept of love has spoiled everything; killed every aspect of companionship. Needless to mention the glorification of unrequited love has only cold bloodedly killed relationship further.

“I won't ever leave you, even though you're always leaving me.”
- Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler's Wife

Well, let me come back to the same question - what relationship is all about? Is it more about togetherness than separation? Words than silence? Present than a past and anticipated future? A lifetime holding each other’s hands than hope of embracing each other in death? Physical presence than absence.


  1. Agree with you to some extent. With today's technological advances, long distance relationship is quite adequate unless someone needs "physical" relationship. Want to speak to someone at the end of the day? Pick up the phone or video call. Don't have money for long distance? WhatsApp is free.

    1. I don't deny SG. But my question is about those groups of loved ones who promise to be there when needed. Bt "need" is a subjective term

  2. I agree.sometimes I need someone instantly, and its not possible,

  3. I feel long d istance between couples is a bit difficult, but long distance relationship with children is not so bad.

  4. Been thinking so much about relationships lately too. Ah, that quote from the movie/book.
    What an unconditional kind of love, huh? Love it.