Monday, 1 May 2017

Bahubali 2: The Conclusion

Prabhas, Rana Daggubati
Anushka Shetty, Tamannaah
Satyaraj, Ramya Krishna, Nassar, Rohini
S S Rajamouli
K K Senthil Kumar
M M Keeravani
Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Arka Media Works
Release Date
April 28, 2017
2 Hours & 48 Minutes

My Thoughts
Since the release of Bahubali – The Beginning, entire nation has been waiting to know the answer to the burning question - why Kattappa killed Bahubali? Rajamouli’s Bahubali 2: The Conclusion solves the mystery in style. The second and final instalment is much wider in scale, the emotions are deeper and the lead – Prabhas (Bahubali) and Rana (Ballaladeva) are more beefed up. Of course, Anushka (Devesena) is more beautiful.

Bahubali 2: The Conclusion is the usual story of love, dirty politics and betrayal. But, the way it is presented on screen makes it nothing less than an epic. One man’s (Rajamouli) vision is made true by a brilliant assortment of technicians. Art director Sabu Cyril’s sets infuses life to the extravagant palace of Devasena and the fictional Mahishmathi/Magizhmadhi. Senthil Kumar’s cinematography makes the flying boats, army of men and arrows realistic. Special mention to the CGI and VFX team who have helped in presenting the world of Bahubali in the realistically. Keeravani’s background music gels with the scenes and helps in evoking the right emotions in audience. But, the songs are not as catchy as its prequel. The editor’s cut makes the climatic scenes engrossing.

Prabhas as Amarendra Bahubali and Mahendra Bahubali/Shivudu is a treat to watch. He becomes the real-life version of all the kings who were a part of our bedtime stories during childhood. Amarendra Bahubali, especially is so loveable – a perfect son, warrior and lover! Hats off to the actor for his relentless dedication. Rana as Ballaladeva is cunning and silently plays his cards until the climax. If there is someone who can fight the bulky and strong Mahendra Bahubali (who could carry heavy Shiva Lingam, climb mountains with ease and what not), it is Ballaladeva. Watch out the duo in the climax fight sequence! Every inch of Anushka as the brave and beautiful Devasena looks like a Princess. She is opinionated and fearless; a feminist too. If there can be someone who can sideline the dominating and aggressive Rajamatha Sivagami (Remya Krishna), it is Devasena. And, I have no words to describe Remya Krishna. Her eyes speak; they emit power. She shines in the midst of towering presence of Prabhas and Rana. Nassar as the crippled Bijjaladeva/Pingaladeva is similar to Shakuni in Mahabharatha – capable of manipulation. Sathyaraj, as the pivotal Kattappa, emotes the dilemma with ease. Tamannaah and Rohini could be seen only in a couple of scenes.

In short, the cast and crew of Bahubali 2: The Conclusion have given their best and beyond. The end result is a spell bounding 168 minutes of visual treat which is both gripping and awe-inspiring. Hoots and shouts to the visionary director – watch out (again) for the climatic fight sequence. His imagination has no limits!

Well, the movie is not flawless. But, it doesn’t bore you and are minor. That’s all matters at the end of the day, isn’t it? And, worry not if you missed the prequel. This movie could be enjoyed as a standalone film.

Bahubali 2: The Conclusion is a pride. Don’t miss it!



  1. I was not much impressed with the first part. Just for this review, I will go and watch the II part:) I like you spelling Tamil and Tamizh...Nice!

  2. Havent seen the first one, but now curious about it.

  3. Both the parts I liked as entertainers.Though far from reality it carries the viewer to a stage visual spell.Worth-watching.Nice review.