Thursday, 11 May 2017

I think about you...

I think about you...
And I wonder if you were a dream.
A fragment of my imagination?
A part of my illusion?

I think about you...
And I wish it was different.
Can I revisit and rewrite?
Can I erase and start afresh?

I think about you...
And your smiling face flashes in my mind.
Why does it spread emptiness in my heart?
Why does it pain so much?

I think about you, my love
Day and night…
In dreams and fantasies
In happiness and sadness.

I just think about you
Because you are my soulmate
Unmindful of the pricking reality;
And the shadowing helplessness.


  1. Beautiful. You may also want to add the following 2 lines.

    You can say you don't miss me.
    I think about you every day.