Monday, 8 May 2017

Pa. Paandi

Rajkiran, Revathi
Prasanna, Chaya Singh
Dhanush, Madonna Sebastine
Sean Roldan
Prasanna GK
Wunderbar Films
Release Date
April 14, 2017
2 Hours & 32 Minutes

My Thoughts
Dhanush’s first directorial venture Pa Paandi is a heartwarming story of past sixty year old man (Raj Kiran). Born as Paandian Pazhanisami in a small village, he moves to Chennai and becomes a celebrated stunt master in cinema. That’s when he rechristens himself as Power Pandi so as to make his name catchier. His son (Prasanna) is a workaholic. He also comes across as strict and rigid, mostly due to his overt concerns. He is married (Chaya Singh) and has two children; these kids are the lifeline of old Paandi. In a subtle way, the director has conveyed the indispensable role reversal that would happen in any family – children treating their aged parents like a small child and the related suffocation that any parent would feel. Hoots for Dhanush for taking up such an unconventional story and handling it in the most subtle manner possible. There are no out of the world dialogs or any hint of over dramatization. The dialogs are mostly minimal; often thought provoking or claps worthy. The relationship between the grandfather and the grandchildren is well established. Although the generation gap between the father and son could be a major reason for the drift, substantive plots to showcase their moments of togetherness is missing. The pre-intermission scenes comes across as a shocker – a deviation from clichés and perceptions. Second half brings younger version of Pandi (Dhanush) and narrates his experience of first love with Poonthendral (Madonna Sebastine). There are a few cute eye to eye moments. However, its sweetness is nothing compared to the scenes that follows in present between older Pandi and older Poonthendral (Revathi). The movie shouts – age is just a number and that we should never stop living for ourselves.

Pa Paandi has a rich ensemble of stars, all of them rightly fitting into their skin. The background music adds to the sweetness of the narration. Venpani Malarae hits us like a cold breeze. The cinematographer has beautifully captured two eras (present and past). The fight scenes involving Rajkiran could look too cinematic. Yet, it is a means to convey that “you decide your age” and don’t let your biological clock decide that.

Rajkiran as Pa.Paandi shines in every frame. He has brilliantly brought out the innocence and helplessness of the character. He is surely the show stealer. So is his younger counterpart – Dhanush. He infuses lots of energy and youngness into the narration. Revathi is charming and looks very beautiful. So does Madonna Sebastine. Prasanna as the strict son will definitely strike a chord with the middle aged folks. His transition from being aggressive to helpless is effortlessly portrayed. It was a pleasure to see Chaya Singh, TV anchor Divyadarshini (DD) and Vidyullekha Raman on screen.

Overall, Pa Paandi is a breath of fresh air in Tamizh film industry. Although many movies are made with middle aged or old people as the central characters in Hindi and Malayalam, such movies are almost non-existent in Tamizh. Hats off to Dhanush for being a game changer.

Pa Pandi is like a beautiful melody.
Take your family. Go to the cinemas and enjoy this.



  1. Very rarely I go to theatres as soon as it is released. This, I did! Went with my husband who is always reluctant to come to theatres. We were a bit bored in the first half. The second half was better and the last hour was very emotional! Both of us liked it. Yes, Rajkiran was the best. I liked Prasanna, Chaya Singh and Revathy too! They did their role well. I go with your ratings!

  2. I must check this out. Thanks for your honest review.