Monday, 15 May 2017

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 30

Mind   : What is wrong with you?
Heart : Nothing. Why?
Mind   : You look distracted and sad
Heart : Come on, I am not. I am telling (smiles)
Mind   : You are smiling, but it doesn’t reach your eyes. Tell me what is wrong!
Heart : You mean I am faking? Why would I do that?
Mind   : When did I say that?
Heart : You don’t even realize what you say. You don’t care if your words hurt others
Mind   : Does this mean I am the reason for your sadness?
Heart : Yes! You are the ONLY reason (agitated)
Mind   : In that case, you could have told me that
Heart : I just told you
Mind   : Yes, you just told me. But not when I asked.
Heart : I am not answerable to you, remember? (Irritated)
Mind   : Okay, I get that. Leave it.
Heart : If everything is okay with you, why do you ask?
Mind   : I am sorry. I made a big mistake by asking if you are okay (sighs)
Heart : See, now you are irritated
Mind   : I am irritated? You seriously think so?
Heart : What do you mean? Of course you are. I am anything but irritated
Mind   : Fine (Walks off)
Heart : FINE (Yells back. Starts crying. Feels sad)