Sunday, 18 June 2017

Memories of Milan

As a part of an official trip to Italy, I got an opportunity to explore Milan. The shared walls and the architecture in Europe always awes me. So I didn’t care that I had very limited time. I put on my comfortable shoes, packed some quick bites, ensured that the camera is fully charged and walked across the streets of Milan. On day one (I had just couple of hours), I first went to Piazza Duomo and the walked around the market square. And on a Friday evening, went around Sforza castle and the walked across the Simplon Park and saw the Porta Sempione also. Here are some glimpses of the Fashion Capital. Though I have to tell you that I didn’t buy any clothes. There was so much of sightseeing to do!!!!

Piazza Duomo is located in the heart of Milan. It is a cathedral surrounded by a market square.


We can climb up the cathedral through steps or elevator (the exhausted me chose the elevator)!


I say, that's an angel clicked by a demon


It was a hot and sunny day. And although it was well around 7PM, the Sun was refusing to set. Some shade was all we all needed!


Sforza Castle is the treasure house of the famous Last Supper of Leomardo Da Vinci. Unfortunately, I could not see that because by the time we reached the castle was closed. I missed it; but I am glad that I was somewhere near its vicinity. 

It was built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan


 Porta Sempione - The Central gate of Milan, behind the Sforza castle


Simplon Park, a brilliant patch of green on the way from the Sforza Castle to the Porta Sempione


Though it looks like a majestic mansion, it is the Milan Centrale Station -  We can catch trains and metros. And of course do some extensive shopping. It is no less than a mall!

The railings that took me across Italy!

I should say Italy is a delight for art lovers. Give an artist a few Euros and your time, they will sketch you also. I tried and it looks a lot like me!

Some flavors of India in a foreign land is always a delight!

The shared walls... Streets of Milan!



  1. Hope to visit someday, its got so much history and fine architecture which you have captured so well. Greetings to you!

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. Brought me back fond memories of my visit to Milan.

  3. Lovely pics!..I dont know why but i find all europe cities so similar that after some time I cant identify the pics even.

  4. I would not miss that market square in Milan.