Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Hashtag True Story

I often walk down the memory lane - Rewinding the rains that drenched my soul and the sunshine that soaked my heart…. Reliving those moments that not only brought tears of joy but also grief. Some of my near and dear ones also tease that I live in a dream world which is woven around my past. They remind me to look ahead and walk forward. But, those memories are the foundation on which I have built my life, haven’t I?

Anyways, that is not the point I wanted to drive. In fact, I am not sure what I wanted to say. I am so-so lost because I am lost – in the journey called life, I assume.

Well, why am I saying all this? (I heard your little voice sighing – what am I saying?)
Am I depressed? (Lolzz… Only sane will be depressed. Crazy ones will always carry on with life - no matter what!).
Heartbroken?  (I wish – at least would help letting the creative juices flow).

Okay, so what has suddenly happened to me? Why am I rambling like a retard? The answer is given below:

“When you are used to the kind of life of never getting anything you want, you stop knowing what it is you want.”
-          Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Now, you might be wondering what the above quote is all about. Did I undergo any trauma? (Maybe YES). Anyways, have patience, my friend. I shall tell you everything in detail (Don’t worry, I shall restrict myself to 700 words!)

Basically, Amazon Prime Day sale was on yesterday. So, I wanted to buy something. Well, anything for that matter. I started looking for a mobile phone and got confused between iPhone 6s and Oneplus 5. So I convinced myself that my phone is working awesome and I don’t need one now.

So I moved on to the session on curtains, bedsheets and cushion covers. I really wanted one -badly to be more specific. I went through hundreds of them, shortlisted a few and then (my bad!) read reviews. I mean people are so negative these days. No one seems to be happy with the products (Is it just products?!). In the reviews they say that the product is not worth the money or the product they received didn’t resemble to what was displayed online. I felt so disheartened. Come on, I spent almost an hour in finalizing the product!!!

Anyways, I was on a mission. I didn’t want anything to stop me from shopping because Amazon Prime Day sale was on. When there is sales, I just feel like shopping! (Tell me I am not the only one, please) So I juggle my mind and try to find out that one thing without which my existence would almost become questionable.

Tada! Its books, I realize. How could I miss that? They are the oxygen to mind (remember – reading is to mind what exercise is to body). I mean anytime is a good time for a good book, isn’t it? So, I happily browsed through the books section. In less than two minutes, my heart bleeds because I realized that some of the books I had recently bought were sold at a discounted price. But, I didn’t give up. I am on a mission, remember? Finally, I stumble upon a section that says something like 100 books that needs to be read in one’s lifetime. Well, now that sounds exciting, right? I went through it and noticed that I have read a few of them (yay!). Some of them are already stacked in my bookshelf and has forever been in my to-read list. Honestly, that’s not an epiphany; yet it made me feel miserable. I tried to understand what could have gone wrong for being stuck within the constraints of my bookshelf. Maybe the book was boring. But, they are classics, reminds my stupid mind. Okay, I should have just been busy. I mean, come to think of it. Hasn’t it been a while since I have written something as meaningless and lame as this? The best thing about me is that I am awesome at self-evaluation. Setting aside self-boasting and the sadness of not reading enough books anymore, I moved on and browsed through the booklist. When a title interested me, I googled, checked the Goodreads rating and also read a few quotes. And, that’s when I stumbled upon the quote I have mentioned above.

Voila! Can there be anything more ironical than that quote?
For (my) easy reference, I repeat (of course, at the cost of being redundant and exceptionally boring):

“When you are used to the kind of life of never getting anything you want, you stop knowing what it is you want.”

I mean come to think of it. I don’t think I have ever got anything I wanted from my past experiences with online shopping. To begin with I am impatient to go through the never ending list of products under each category. And when I finally find one, the reviews are never encouraging. If I still pass through the first two hurdles, there would be other issues like additional delivery charges, delivery after almost a week and what not!  Sometimes, if I still choose to wait and be ready to pay for the delivery, I receive damaged products or products that has no resemblance to what was displayed online (mind you, not always. But, such things have happened. I am not being negative or anything. Such things happens. It’s just that we should not become cynical. That’s the key takeaway if you ask me.)

Well, as far as the Amazon Prime Day sale was concerned, there was one for hurdle – I am not a Prime member. So none of the offers are applicable. Buhahaha!


  1. When I read the words “Did I undergo trauma (may be YES)”, I was genuinely concerned and made a note in my mind to write you an email expressing my support. If deciding what to shop online is your trauma, please let it be contagious to all your readers.

    The ending of this blog post is cool.

  2. Good! So, this is not about a 'trauma' post! Thank god:)