Monday, 28 August 2017

The Choice!

Somewhere in the middle of a journey
Which takes a lifetime to reach the final destination
You asked me to choose between you and me.
I looked back and saw several miles we had walked together.
There was love and laughter.
Some tears and pain too.
There were also some moments which made me smile.
Then I looked ahead…
The roads were longer and broader.
The sky was clear and the trees were greener.
There were pretty flowers too, their tiny petals blossoming with hope.
The newfound clarity made me smile too.
And therefore I made a choice…
I chose me instead of you.
Because you and your memories are there within me.
But, there is also a journey which needs to be continued…
Each step I take is towards uncertainty; yet towards destiny.
And we are similar, aren’t we?
You chose to be with yourself and so did I.
Nobody knows what life holds for us.
But I know it will be a pleasant surprise!

1 comment:

  1. Can't a person have it all? why does a person have to choose?
    it will be pleasant surprise.