Monday, 14 August 2017

Things to do when Bored!

Being bored is nothing new to me. My family says that as a child the only thing I used to constantly say is : "I am bored". Well, I can't blame anyone for that but me. I think I am a very restless person. I hate to stay idle. I have to be constantly engaged with one thing or the other. Well, most of us are like that. 

But boredom goes to another level altogether when you are sick and on a sick leave for 10 days.

Disclaimer: Don't worry. I was down with viral fever and am almost alright now. So all is well guys :)

So, as I was saying, in the last 10 days of unwellness the graph of boredom has been showing an increasing trend. The peak of it reached 10 minutes before when I googled - "things to do when bored". To my astonishment and dismay, out of the 96 things they have suggested, unknowingly I have done around 50!!! Others I have not done mostly because if valid reasons like I don't have a pet, I am tired so can't clean, do yoga, etc.

For all of you wondering what I did, here goes the list:

  1. Sleep. Take rest. Revive your spirits and rejuvenate your soul.
  2. Delete all the unwanted pictures from the phone backup. 
  3. Watch movies.
  4. Learn something new - I learnt graffiti, one dimensional drawing and basic caricature techniques.
  5. Doodled until it bored me.
  6. Listened to songs both new ones and the evergreen favorites.
  7. Watched TV like crazy.
  8. Read books - one book in one sitting (not bad, isn't it?)
  9. Spoke to friends on phone and whatsapp.
  10. Wrote some poems and micro-fictions for my blog.
  11. Downloaded some games apps (I hate playing games on mobile) and even played.
  12. Went through old pictures and relivdd those times.
  13. Did some quick facials.
  14. Updated my daily journal.
  15. Read a lot of random articles.

These are just a compilation of many things I could do with the fever and related tiredness. In these 10 days what I have understood is that being physically tired is still alright. With right medication and rest, everything would resume back to normalcy. But, being mentally bored is the worst punishment. The mental wellness being directly related to physical strength, take care of yourself. More so when the viruses are around; mosquitoes are flying around. 

I repeat, take care :)


  1. Hope you fully recover very soon.

  2. Going to do all of the above on this weekend :D You do take care!