Monday, 9 October 2017

Mugulu Nage

Golden Star Ganesh
Apoorva Arora, Nikitha Narayan, Ashika Ranganath, Amulya
Yogaraj Bhat
V Harikrishna
S. S. Films, Golden Movies, Yogaraj Cinemas
Release Date
September 01, 2017
2 hours and 37 minutes

My Thoughts
Pulkesh (Ganesh) is a happy-go-lucky man who is intelligent and sweet natured. But, he is born with a problem (according to parents) and which is considered to be not a problem at all by the doctor (Ananth Nag). Pulkesh doesn’t cry; he can’t cry. Mugulu Nage is about can anything make Pulkesh cry! If yes, what could that be? Well, it is no spoiler alert that the only thing that could make Pulkesh cry is a heartbreak! So, his heart is broken more than once and the reasons are familial or personal.

When director Yogaraj and actor Ganesh come together, they bring a breath of fresh air with them which would brush us with happy-smiley feeling. Mugulu Nage is burdened with these expectations from the audience and struggles to deliver the promises made through past ventures. There is feel-goodness, both comical and emotional moments as well as stunningly shot songs. Well, the songs are not that great. The characters are well essayed that everyone from his college professor to the driver leaves their mark. Ganesh as Pulkesh is effortless and has tried his best to bring conviction to his character. But, the screenplay is often less convincing and out of place. As a result, they seem to be more forceful than natural. Of course, the movie is 157 minutes long. This only makes the movie sloppier and never ending. Editor sir, we missed you!

There are four ladies in the film - Apoorva Arora as Chaaru, Nikitha Narayan as Siri, Ashika Ranganath as Vaishali and Amulya in guest appearance. And there is something very similar in the characterization of these women – they all know what they want in life. They are bold and don’t shy away from voicing out their opinions. At the same time they portray different shades of love. Chaaru is charming and starry eyed; so mesmerized in the magic of first love that makes her see world under the light of togetherness. Siri is independent and places herself before anyone. And, Vaishali is so selfless that she derives happiness through the smiles of others.

In short, the movie is a delight to watch – thanks to the cinematographer. Go for it to feel the lightheartedness that would make you feel good. Having said that, with a running time of 157 minutes, the movie could seem to be never ending!  



  1. Thanks for the nice review.

  2. Have noted down the name of the movie! Will try to watch just for your good review!