Friday, 17 November 2017

Kalpathy Theru 2017

Kalpathy Theru (Car Festival/Ratholsavam) took place between 8th and 16th of November, 2017. It is one of the most famous and very old festival celebrated in the town. 

The event begins with flag hoisting in all these 4 temples.

The streets of Kalpathy, beautifully lit… Kalpathy theru is an emotion and an event which the natives look forward to year after year. The real beauty lies in the fact that it is celebrated by everyone in Palakkad surpassing the religious diversity.

The beauty of the theru lies in it’s simplicity and the wonderful streamers made of white-paper, called netti maalai in Tamizh.

The car festival is celebrated in 4 temples, spread across 4 different aggraharam/villages in Palakkad – Kalpathy, Mandakkarai, Old Kalpathy and Chathapuram. 

The theru is made of wood and has intricate wooden work. 

It resembles to the theru in Kumbakonam and Tanjavur of Tamil Nadu because the natives of the Kalpathy are said to have migrated from those places a few 100 years ago.

Lord Ganesha of Mandakkarai– on Day 4 of the ratholsavam

Lord Viswanathaswamy of Kalpathy – on Day 4 of the ratholsavam

Lord Krishna of Old Kalpathy– on Day 4 of the ratholsavam 

Lord Ganesha of Chathapuram – on Day 5 of the ratholsavam

Lord Krishna of Old Kalpathy– on Day 5 of the ratholsavam

Lord Viswanathaswamy of Kalpathy – on Day 5 of the ratholsavam

Lord Ganesha of Mandakkarai– on Day 5 of the ratholsavam

Each day the God will be seated in different Vaahanam (vehicle) and goes around 5 adjacent agraharam

This is one of my personal favorite. Lord Krishna of Old Kalpathy decked up as Mohini. I loved this even better this time because of the beautiful candy pink sari!

 The ever handsome and majestic Lord Ganesha of Mandakkarai

It is also a time for family get together and reunions with old friends

A lot of shops come up and it’s also shopping time.

Some of the must-buys includes glass bangles, kumkum, puffed rice and vessels made of stones. 

No festival in Kerala would be complete without Panchavaadhyam.

Kalpathy is declared as a heritage village by the Government and it is famous for music lovers. This year, the stage was adorned by many vocalists and instrumentalists including Sudha Raghunath.

PS: I heartily thank my friends for generously sharing pictures because I couldn’t be a part of the celebration this year. Thanks again for also letting me share this. This post would not have been possible without you – my amma, Nidhun and Prasad J


  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. Also, I know it is Kerala when I see guys wear their mundu folding it in half and tying it up. That is how I wear my mundu when I walk on the streets of Guruvayoor. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

  2. Beautiful pictures of the ther and the deities, their flower decoration! Enjoyed each and every photograph! Sending this link to some of my Palghat relatives! Thank you!

  3. This post brings a torrent of memories of childhood and I could get the magical whiff of the festive air with the adorned deity bedecked in all finery, the lovely shops with all the goodies such as binoculars, bangles and balloons, the muscular and not so muscular pulling the ropes and the sumptuous sadhya that followed.. A real feast relived through these beautiful pics.

  4. Wooooooowwww! Awesome pictures that have brought out the feel of the utsavam spanning several days to those unlucky not to be present at the venues. Nothing is done in Kerala in slovenly manner and more so in matters related to temples. The alankaram(decoration) and the organising abiliy are superb.Thank you very much for sharing.
    There must have been the inevitable prasadam(food) for the pilgrims!”