Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018!!!

And here dawns another new year…
Bringing along hope…
Giving a purpose to dream; opportunity to retrospect…
And of course, to restart!

Isn’t that the beauty of New Years? A reason to look around, pause, think and act a little differently. This becomes more important because we often react and fail to sit back and think why we did what we did!

Ask me, and I would say, that’s exactly what I am doing now as I type and plan to do over this entire day. No, I am not talking about unrealistic and often unachievable resolutions. Instead, I am saying that we should just think if we need to change our perspectives, approaches and a few habits for a better living. Life is more about living in a way we want, right? We should never accept things for granted and make routine be the master of our lives!

Such days also comes with an excuse to call people who are now confined to our contact list and nothing more. Let’s decide together – we’ll meet people or at least make a call to them instead of letting “wassup” texts rule our lives. I think the sweetest sound is the voice of people and the silence of nature. Can the fanciest or the latest ringtones ever match it?

Indeed, many of us would have partied today (would be partying today) and let the intoxication take the better of us. That’s okay! But, can we also tell ourselves that this year we’ll focus on our health? Both physical and mental. Small steps like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, eating our meals on time, consciously reducing the number of cigarettes smoked, forcefully drinking at least two liters of water a day would surely bring visible changes to the body and brings an exhilarating peace to the mind. Can we try that? At least over this month? As I said, let’s take small steps. Let’s stick to one month plan for now, what do you think?

Another thing, I have noticed that social media and virtual connectivity has made us live a life different from what we are. Selfies and groupies mean more than making actual memories with people around. Looking at others’ statuses, posts and images or reading publicity-inclined news in the media only makes us feel insufficient or makes us crib. So, on a daily basis, how about noting down what made us happy that day? E-diary is fine. And, let’s not share that with anyone. Let’s not put down in the social media. Guess what? When we are genuinely happy and at peace, it would radiate through us. And, mind you, it’s contagious!

I am not sure if I am sounding preachy. I just wish that we love ourselves in as intimate way as possible. Such love would only multiply and grow until it extends to everyone near and dear to us.

So, let’s start this New Year with a positive note – with a smile. Let’s decide that we’ll love ourselves more and work towards our well-being for our own sake. Don’t mistake my statement for being selfish. No, I don’t mean that. I say, lets prioritize ourselves - our mental and physical health. It includes our loved ones too; their well-being and happiness. And as I said, our positivity and good vibes will surely make our loved ones feel good. And vice versa.

So, my dear readers, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
This year, lets focus on happiness; the inner happiness and not the social media kind of happiness. You know what I mean, right?

PS: I have decided to write every day and post everyday (like I once used to). Reason? It used to make me happy and give a reason to observe and think. Simple!!!! Small steps, as I said! J

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