Saturday, 7 April 2018

A Page from weekend

She got up early with an excited smile and energetic demeanor. Weekdays are always fun, isn't it? As if a little reward for the monotonous weekdays. Wake up - cook - eat - get ready - travel to work - work - eat - work - travel back home - clean - eat - sleep!

Weekend, on the contrary, is full of fun. It gives an opportunity to look different, explore different things and live a little differently.

That weekend she decided to doll up and walk around random streets. What can be more interesting than exploring a new place? But, somehow she ended up in a shopping outlet. It was new and she had not been there before. She thought it would be fun to do some window shopping and see the new trends of the seasons.

The security greeted with a smile and welcomed her with a shopping bag. She tried to control the urge, but she fell for the styles and fabrics.

While waiting in the long queue near the exit, she looked at the overflowing shipping bag. "Do I really need them?" She wondered. She left the shopping bag nearby and walked through the exist.

It was sunny yet out of nowhere breeze hit her, as if hugging her for the small step she took - to step out than be caged within the illusion of happiness. Can happiness ever be bought? Can good memories be made as easy as swiping the card across the machine?

These questions seemed philosophical to her. But sometimes it's alright to do something totally different, isn't it? After all, it's weekend!!!!


  1. It requies more power to leave the bag full of things chosen in the shop at the exit gate than succumbing to temptation.Happiness is neither in doing things nor in refusing to face reality.
    Forgetting unpleasant things is the precursor to happiness

    1. I so totally agree. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)