Thursday, 26 April 2018

Cheers for Togetherness

Prominent grey hair and visible wrinkles spoke of years that lay behind him; them. But they felt like teenagers again at heart.

"Am I still allowed to say I love you?" he asked. She noticed that his sagging eyes still glinted - the way she always liked.

"Why not?" she asked and looked away with a sloppy smile plastered on her face.

Meanwhile, he handed her a file. She opened and gasped. It had a bunch of old papers with handwritten words that has almost disappeared. Yet she knew. How could she not!

"The first letter I made was when you were in your College, right. Seems like it was just yesterday", she said while letting her drown in the sea of the memories of first love.

"It's just that I am not 16 anymore. But 85", he smiled. Silence followed. They couldn't believe that they have known each each other for 75 years!!!

"Cheers for togetherness", they chimed as the coffee mugs clicked against each other on their 50th wedding anniversary.


  1. I did not expect the twist. I took him to be in his early 30s till I came to the end. Good one.

    1. I am so happy that you liked it. Thanks GP :)

  2. Well captured your far reaching future, Satya.Nice.

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