Saturday, 21 April 2018

Headache in the Heart

Language: English
No. of Pages: 175
Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers
ISBN: 978-9387792128

From the Book Blurb
"He swiped right...."He swiped right....She accepted the request....Bingo! it is a MATCH! She met his gaze, looked into his eyes that were the brown of a caffeine and for a moment everything within her stilled. Meet Chayya who had just spent one sizzling and impulsive night of passion in the arms of the most irresistible stranger she'd ever met. There she felt the beauty of love at first sight with Kshitij - a tender singer and desirous songwriter. A delighted and jubilant Chayya when entered in the dark world of Kshitij's loneliness, She was slumped in his love!She was not living, she was dead-alive! She came out as a lonesome. "It is not a wound that will heal someday,The agony of one sided love will kill you every day...."

My Thoughts
First time author, Abhya Gupta's book named Headache in the Heart is a story of unrequited love. It takes us through the journey of a die-hard romantic  who is in love with ambitious and stubborn Kshitij in the very first sight. What follows is a rollercoaster ride of emotions as Chayya hopelessly tries to be her own anchor in order to find a way - to be with Kshitij or get over him. 

To begin with, the cover page perfectly summarises the premise on which the story is based. It is also titled perfectly, giving away what could be expected from the book - love, heartbreak and the related dilemma. The book blurb also sets the expectations. As readers, we are aware that the book is going to be a love story. 

The way Chayya and Kshitij meet is relevant in today's time where marriages are viewed differently. The relationship between Chayya and her friend Manvi is sweet and straight from the heart.

However, the casual writing style, absence of detailng of the situations and most importantly poorly developed characters makes it pretty boring and impersonal. The grammatical and typo errors further dilutes the quality. Where did the editors go? 

Headache in the Heart would have been a very romantic and heart wrenching tale of love if it was in a short story format. But as a full fledged novel, it fails. Absence of depth to characters and emotions would make us wonder, "so what?" Or think "not again!"


PS: It's been a while since I have agreed to do a book review on request. When my friend Rama Mani asks, I can't say no! Also thanks to the author!!! :)

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