Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Independence Day?

Today India is celebrating 72nd Independence Day. Indian flag is hoisted and most of the people are dressed in any of the tricolor. Loads of wishes are going around in social media. It's a day to feel proud and be thankful that we got our freedom from the British who ruled us ONCE UPON A TIME. 

Until sometime before, I was also like majority of Indians - celebrating the 15th of August with tricolor clothes, saluting the national flag, singing the National Anthem, sharing Independence Day wishes with everyone I come across and most importantly FEELING PROUD!

Strangely, since today morning, I have been wondering - what exactly are we celebrating on August 15th? Freedom from the British that Indians won through non-violence and unity? That's all? If so, what's the big deal about it? I mean come on, it's been 72 years since 1947. While I acknowledge that it's a big deal and it's amazing and all that, nothing makes sense to me anymore though. 

I mean, are we really independent? Are we still not slaves of caste, creed, religion, gender and reservations? Where is the freedom? There is only more division and more violence. Why there is so much corruption and poverty? Why rich is getting richer and poor becoming poorer? Why patriarchy is still glorified and women empowerment still a dream? While there are more stringent laws for crimes, aren't there are enough loopholes to escape them too?

Independence? Are you sure? 
Isn't it time to redefine independence?

Let's explore beyond the superficial layer and come together again today. This time the battle is not between Indians and British. It is between the Indians and their reflection in the mirror. It's time we look beyond the history and write a better future.

Let the women be born free, live free!
Let corruption disappear into thin air.
Let equality prevail and then let's celebrate.

After all, independence is an emotion; not just a word!


  1. I still feel we have not got independence

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