Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Virtuous Cycle

The water seemed unusually calm;
Reflecting the clear blue sky.
Even the breeze was gentle;
Like the gentle caress of a loved one.
The mountains around seemed picturesque too;
Blending into the horizon like soulmates do.
The grasses were tender and young;
In the perfect shade from an amateur painter's pallette.

And I sit there -
Enwrapped by the serenity that only nature could offer.
Time of the day or the passing hours didn't bother me.
I was enraptured by the complicated simplicity of the universe.

And then I threw a little pebble into the water.
It disturbed the peace; created ripples.
I felt regretful for my action.
I was also at awe -
The beautiful and perfect small waves formed.
Those waves looked like brave fighters for me.
There was a struggle to restore the calm. 
Soon the pristine waters were back. 

Ah! What a meaningful lesson it taught.
Face the problems. Be a fighter.
And resolve as early as possible.
Universe seemed to represent dreams -
Colorful. Beautiful. Peaceful.
Those ripples were nothing but reality -
Disturbing the rhythmic movements of life.
And those waves!
Those are our inner strength.
Gather. Believe. 
See the ripples vanish and peace triumph.
Smile and dream.
Thus continues the virtuous cycle!

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