Friday, 26 October 2018

Seven Years as Locomente!!!

Okay, first things first – I loooooooooooove celebrations. More so when the day is as special as today – Locomente turns 7 years today. Yay!!! Interestingly, the writer in me was also born today. Of course, there was a phase before that when I was struggling to let my thoughts flow through pen onto the paper. Those times seem to be another era now. Pens are papers are replaced by laptops, MS Word and what not! In fact, that Diwali afternoon seven years before is still fresh I my mind – I wrote my first post on my personal computer. Which reminds me – have you heard of this term, “seven-year itch”? Apparently, it is a psychological term which suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after around year seven of a marriage. Well, marriage or any relationship for that matter, alright? And I am glad that Locomente and I have not only survived but also lived a happy 7 years and cheers for a forever and beyond!

Well, like every other year, on this day, I sat back and did a quick retrospection. Let me tell you, it is a little disheartening this time; I have published just 89 posts in the last one year!!! I am missing those days when I used to have at least 365 posts a year. Is it the lack of inspiration or sheer laziness, I don’t know. Or maybe, life is a rollercoaster ride and I am just swaying clueless.  Whatever it is, I know that it’s time to come back with a bang and not recoil! So, this is what I did:

·   It is and not!!! It feels really amazing to own a nest in the blogosphere.
·   I created this interesting (to me at least) logo for my blog – well, it’s imperfect because I just freehandedly sketched it. The idea was to do so serious work and get a digital print of the logo. But you see, it’s a bit too expensive. Lemme know if you like it.

As I celebrate this day, I have to thank my readers around the globe. Thank you for never giving up on me even when I have been terrible with regards to visiting you or even responding to your emails and comments. Without you, I tell you, Locomente is absolutely nothing! I also thank my crazy mind for being crazy and my life for being a source of drama and inspiration. The collaboration has been amazing so far. Wink!

So, what else?
7 years as Locomente… 2558 days… 1687 posts…
You mean a lot to me. You let me fly and remember that I don’t and will never take you for granted. As I always say, “miles to go before I sleep”!

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  1. Congratulations on reaching a milestone! Seven years of sustained writing on topics that are so different from kolams and temples to scholarly book critiques and movie reviews besides emotional poems. Keep it up