Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Reality Check

We often hear people say, “Stay positive”… “Hope for the best”…. “This too shall pass” and so on.  We are also sometimes asked to “Count on the blessings” and maybe realize “Everything happens for a reason”. Of course, then there are some other spiritual advice as well – “Its fate, what to do?” and that “God is great”. As if enough is unsaid, there is this concept of Law of Attraction which says that universe is listening and hence we should think ONLY positive. It asks us to be grateful and manifest what we want through meditation.

My question is – what is your take on this idea of “stay positive”… “Universe is listening”… “Count your blessings”… “Trust in God” and all that?

Well, I personally think that the above affirmations are never going to help us get out of the situation we are in. Maybe the situation itself could be uncontrollable and we may be both hopeless and helpless in that. Meditating for a better present and future is not going to lead us anywhere. Instead, we have to face the issue in hand, find multiple alternative to solve the problem, evaluate its pros and cons and finally arrive at the most practical solution. This will not only help us feel happy that we managed the crisis well, but also feel good about ourselves.  It also keeps us engaged (both mentally and physically) which is a welcome distraction too. Above all, the effort to arrive at a rational solution will help us emotionally detach from the problem. As a result, the magnitude of the impact of crisis may not be that humongous either.

Think about it and let me know your thoughts….

Waiting to get more perspectives J


  1. If a negative mind set is bad well then people don’t really have the liberty of choice in the matter do they. Staying positive is more of a requirement for leading at least a somewhat fulfilling life, if not the most desired version. But is it always possible? Probably not for some while some are very consistent in doing so. Ultimately I think it depends on the capability of a person's brain. Is your brain smart enough to bring disciple and control to the inflow of thoughts in a perilous situation or does it stand helplessly watching random un-welcomed thoughts mount up and eventually pulling you to depressed state.

    I did read ‘The Secret’ book quite some time before and I don’t buy into the whole universe listening thing. It just makes no sense at all. It seems as if someone just exploited the basic nature of most humans to put their trust on something supernatural which in doing so creates the possibility of getting what they desire in life.

    God again is a tricky subject and I am not the greatest of believers, at least not the ritual parts. However when faced with difficult situations, praying for help gives me some hope, at least just enough to hold it together till the storm passes. So yeah putting trust in god is helpful to some extent.

  2. If such tips work for you, it is nice.But only the man or woman who wears the shoe knows where it pinches

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