Monday, 3 December 2018


Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson
Nirav Shah
A. R. Rahman and Qutub-E-Kripa
Lyca Productions
Release Date
November 29, 2018
2 Hours & 28 Minutes

My Thoughts
2.0 is director Shankar’s sequel to the ambitious Endhiran which was released in 2010. Much loved robot - Chitti - is back with a bang, this time to accomplish a more meaningful task (In the prequel, most of Chitti’s capabilities were used only to woo the lady Sana. Remember the famous Mosquito mode!).

Mobile phones are mysteriously snatched from the hands of people residing in Tamil Nadu and there is a panic everyone. No one is able to explain what could have made this possible. Also, a couple of people are gruesomely killed. Is there a connection between all these events? If yes, who is responsible for doing it and why? Considering there is a dire need of a superpower with topnotch intelligence, Chitti is brought back (to life). Rest of the story is about how Chitti, under the guidance of Dr. Vaseegaran, brings the havoc under control.

Rajinikanth as the helpless yet super-intelligent Dr. Vaseegaran, charming and supremely powerful Chitti the robot, the go-getter and stylish 2.0 and of course (my favorite) Kutty Chitti is a delight to watch. Pakshiraja (Akshay Kumar), is an ornithologist who is worried that birds are disappearing from the planet Earth and men are not caring enough to protect them. He warns, if birds disappear, there will be no rains and no food for men to survive on – there will be only insects and more of them! He could be tagged as “antagonist”, but he is good hearted too. Maybe the path he takes is just too destructive to have any convincing justification. Amy Jackson as the robot – NILA is impressive. She just tailor fits into it! I think for the first time, Shankar’s heroine does more than throwing drama or being insanely in love with the hero!

Nirav Shah’s cinematography makes everything look fresh and striking. Editor Anthony has done a commendable job in making the movie as crisp as possible. Of course, the first half might seem like a drag, but that’s required to set the stage for later! Background music is alright, but the songs are bad. Thankfully they don’t take any screen time! Accolades to the dialog writer (B Jeyamohan) for generously throwing funny one-liners at us.

2.0 belongs to the superstar; he owns the show and runs it with élan! Needless to say, it also belongs to the director for envisioning something as magnanimous as this and presenting it to us at such an awe-inspiring scale. It doesn’t matter if you are not on a staple diet of Indian movies, this movie will still be worth to watch in the theaters. It has everything – concept, message, style and of course the superstar.

Call up your family and friends, plan some time out, and just enjoy the show! DOT


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