Thursday, 31 January 2019

Few Words

f late, I have realized that being a man of few words is the greatest of all virtues. Sometimes, stop making sense (yes, I stole it from Koffee with Karan - season 6) would be appreciated more. 

These days, people are living in an illusory world. That's exactly what makes the social media platforms a big success too. Share only happy pictures, edit everything until it's perfect, share disapproval and negativity about others but still come across as the happiest and the coolest person to others. 

The moment someone reads through someone and make some intimate observations, people become offended. Rather they find it extremely difficult to decompose the facts and digest it with the right spirit. Is that a good trend, certainly not! There should always be people in life who could catch us off guard and give a piece of their mind. We should be open enough to listen, understand and then decide. However, these days, people just become offended. They read it on face value and do not really care to understand the good intentions behind it. 

Hence proved - being a man of few words is the greatest virtue. Practice silence and master in having only irrelevant and stupid conversations. People would love you for it. Suddenly, you wouldn't be alone anymore. In fact, you would be looked upon as a great person - a people's person. At the end of the day, we being social animals, crave for such attention only. If such a status could be attained through nonsense and irrelevant comments, why not! It's easier and wouldn't require much thoughts. What do you think folks?

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