Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 32

Mind   : So what’s up?
Heart  : Well, nothing!
Mind   : Seriously? That can’t true. I am sure you are thinking about something.
Heart  : Thinking is not my job. Have you become mindless?
Mind   : What? You sound like you have become heartless!
Heart  : See, you are picking on me now for now reason? Can’t you just leave me alone?
Mind   : Leave you alone? Remember that you can’t be alone and certainly not without me!
Heart  : Here comes the usual rant! I am superior… I am everything… blah… blah… blah…
Mind   : (Sighs). Okay, leave it. I am not going to say anything
Heart  : Of course you won’t! Wouldn’t I know? I mean, why you would spend your precious time with me… talking to me… er… well… arguing with me…
Mind   : Exactly! ********* Scoots ************
Heart: *********** Sobs! **************


  1. Mind and heart always at conflict :D

  2. A conversation that happens within us most of the days. Your post reminds me of a similar conversation I wrote once, between me and my inner self. :)