Saturday, 26 October 2019

Eight Years as Locomente

I have a special inclination towards number eight; maybe due to my date of birth. It has a unique shape too – two zeros placed over one another. We often think that zero is valueless and it is not great to be a zero, of course! But, when the perspectives change, meaning could also change. That’s exactly what number eight symbolizes, I infer.

Well, on that philosophical note, let me confess that I woke up with a smile today. It feels amazing to wake up on a special day, isn’t it? Special day could be anything - birthdays, anniversaries, festivals or as sample as a day where you have planned to wear your new dress!
In my case, today my “not so baby” blog turns eight years old.
It’s just amazing to be nostalgic and yet wonder – how did I manage to write for so long!!! In fact, my writing cycle has changed from being daily to regular to periodic to occasional. It’s just the saturation that any relationship goes through, I guess. I have stopped panicking about the fact that I don’t write much and have decided to be open to write anytime if “I really feel like!” No more pressures, Locomente. Lolzz!

Being an occasional writer has its own disadvantage though (well, as much as being a daily one). My readers think that I am just pouring my heart out, venting out or what not. They think maybe I am alone ad depressed or something. I really don’t know.
Guys, my blog is a public forum where I write what “I really feel like” writing.
To be honest with you, I have a personal journal where I actually pour my heart out or vent. Trust me, it nowhere reads/sounds like Locomente. So, if I write about melancholy, love, happiness, longing, belonging or whatever under the sun and beyond, it is just a creative expression from some random inspiration. Please understand!! Please. Please. Please. It’s been eight years and I am tired explaining that it was just a random thought and not my personal experience!
Agatha Christie is not a serial killer or a detective and JK Rowling is certainly not a wizard!

One of the birthday resolutions is to find avenues for inspirations. I miss those years when there were weekly challenges to write haiku, micro fiction and so on.
Those blogs used to give a word or image prompt and urge the writers to think.
I miss those sites.
Guys, if you know any such sites, let me know.
Taking such challenges are always good. I had almost forgotten about the high it gives until I enrolled for #inktober2019. I saw this challenge in Instagram where they had given some word prompts for drawing through the 31 days of October. The idea is to draw every day and by 31st day, it would have already become a habit. On this 26th day, I have to admit that I look forward to draw something as soon as I come back from office. It feels good - a quality way to spend some personal time.
Cultivating healthy habits should be our motto.
We are living in times where we feel that there is no time. Of course, this could be due to hectic workload, crazy commute hours and the inevitable mindless internet surfing.
If we consciously try to reduce the mobile/TV screen time per day, we would certainly have more time. Trust me!
Please prepare a timetable of what you would like to do in that additional time – exercising, reading, gardening, walking, drawing/painting, writing, cleaning and cooking and what not. See what interests you and challenge yourself to do it for at least 30 days. Voila! Before you know, it would not only become your habit but a great way to spend some quality personal time also.

Alright, on that note, let me stop romancing words.

Before putting the final full stop for this post, let me thank my parents who have tirelessly lent enthusiastic ears whenever I have passionately spoke about Locomente. My dear readers, thanks for all the love and patience and support.
When you spend few precious minutes of your time in reading my blog, I feel blessed.

Cheers for eight years and more…
Miles to go before I sleep…

Locomente J

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  1. Hearty congratulations on reaching a significant milestone.Eight long years of sustained blogging is no mean achievement and that too on a range of genres like poems,book reviews,thoughts,temples ,and kolams.
    I may suggest you write short stories,55 word fiction and the longer versions.Good you clarified that the blog is not a personal diary.