Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy New Year - 2020

Yet another new year it is... 
Bringing lots of hopes and promises... 
Letting us amend the wrongs and continue the good. 

Most of us make so many resolutions, or do we? By the year end, most of them would be forgotten and reappear in the next year's list. So this time, i decided to learn from my past experiences and make no resolutions. Well, you could say that making no resolutions is my only resolution for this year. I feel that we could commit ourselves to improvements and acceptance; resolutions - not really!

I specifically like new years’ also because of the vacations with which it emerges. It is inevitable to not start with a positive note, reminiscing all the good and not so good things that happened. Did you notice? I didn't say bad things; instead i said 'not-so-good things'. This is what vacations do to you. It flips you and makes you a positive person. Although, i am not a believer of positivity and optimism anymore. I used to be the most optimistic person people knew. But today, i choose being rational over optimism. It’s alright to feel not okay and realize that some things would never happen the way you imagined. What's not okay is when you think some things would never happen at all. I hope the difference is clear.

Anyway... Let's just cheer up... 
Brace ourselves for another 366 (this time) days of acceptance. 
Meanwhile, remember to take one day at a time and live each moment as if that's all you have. 

See you around...
Happy New year!!!

- Locomente