Saturday, 21 March 2020

Break the Chain

Grass is always greener on the other side. With the corona pandemic, this old saying resonates truthful as ever. 

Kids always wanted to play on the mobile phone or watch cartoons in the house. Now they are restless because they want to go out and play! 

Students always plan different ways to bunk classes and examinations. Today when it has become mandatory, they wish they could just go back to the familiarity of the classrooms.

People having white-collar jobs relentlessly complain about the traffic jams, never ending commute hours to office, sedentary nature of work and most importantly, endlessly discuss that work life balance is a myth. Today, they are required to work from home. But they sit and miss the daily habit of showing up at the office.

Even the most laziest of people want to hit the gym or at least go out for a walk. People who never eat out want to go to restaurants. Suddenly, couch potatoes find binge watching boring. Families are uncomfortable to be sealed together within the limits of one's home. 

We are enwrapped by our own irony!

I am sure that anyone who reads this has some gadget or other and a good internet connection. This only means we are one of the few blessed souls who could stay back at home and work; our income unchanged (alright, annual hike might be a problem. Let's deal with that later). 

Why don't we sit back, let our hair down and just be thankful. There are so many people who are homeless and whose daily income is visibly affected. 

As the 'educated' citizens of this world, the only way we could contribute towards curtailing this pandemic is by staying at home. Let's just do that. Let's just binge watch, make good food and eat, have face to face interaction with our families, make phone calls to our friends, clean the house, have a long shower, read a book...

The opportunities available to productively kill the time are many... Let's not crib as we always do... Let's not complain as we anyway do... Let's just appreciate what we have... Let's be grateful... Let's break the chain... LET'S JUST STAY AT HOME

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