Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 34

Mind   : What are you thinking so deep?

Heart  : I am not thinking anything.

Mind   : Really! Sure? You look so lost in thoughts.

Heart  : No. No. I am at peace now.

Mind   : People in peace don’t think?

Heart  : I am not sure.

Mind   : Then maybe you are not at peace

Heart  : What do you mean?

Mind   : You said you are at peace and that you are not thinking anything. So I asked if people in peace would not think anything. So, I was just confirming and trying to get more information.

Heart  : Aha! As always, I didn’t realise that you are teasing me

Mind   : I am not teasing you

Heart  : Oh, come on! You think I can’t not think and that I can never be at peace

Mind   : Woah! Hang on, when exactly did I say that?

Heart  : Great! Now you don’t even remember what you have been saying. That’s now insignificant I am to you.

Mind   : Insignificant? If so, why would I even initiate a conversation with you?

Heart  : As if you don’t know!

Mind   : I DON’T know!

Heart  : You are the smart and kick-ass, right? Why don’t you figure it out?

Mind   : Figure out what? I am not following this conversation anymore. Its clearly not making any sense.

Heart  : Great! Now I am senseless… Go on... what else?

Mind   : okay, chuck it.

Heart  : If you cannot have a proper dialog with me, then why do you even try?

Mind   : I cannot have a proper dialog or YOU?

Heart  : Everything need not come to me

Mind   : Everything need not come to ME either!

Heart  : If there was US, it wouldn’t have.

Mind   : I can’t take this anymore. Ciao

Heart  : No… no…! Just &%$@ off

Mind   : Sighs….