Saturday, 10 October 2020





Anushka Shetty, R Madhavan, Anjali, Shalini Pandey, Michael Madson



Hemant Madhukar



Shaneil Deo



Score: Girishh G.

Soundtrack: Gopi Sundar and Vishwajeet Jaykar



Prawin Pudi



Kona Film Corporation

People Media Factory

Release Date


October 02, 2020 (On Amazon Prime)



2 hours and 5 minutes





My Thoughts

Anthony (R Madhavan) is murdered in a haunted villa. Was he killed by the ghost as people believe or is there something more? This is the storyline. This means there is an element of horror, mystery and suspense that could be expected. There is also a deaf and muted Anthony’s fiancé - Shakshi (Anushka Shetty) which opens a gateway for lots of love and emotions. However, what we get in return is a sloppy screenplay and bored looking zombie-like actors. There is lot of emotional plotlines, but we simply don’t get the emotions. There is supposed to be a ghost angle and there are no jump scare moments, not even eerie or scary moments. The background score takes us to a trance caused by general boredom and doesn’t exactly keep us at the edge of the seat. R Madhavan and Anushka Shetty gets a song which is shot as montage with beautiful backdrop. That’s the only few minutes that looks refreshing. Other than that, everything seems staged. This is supposed to be bilingual. But people don’t even lip-sync properly. Even muted Anushka’s robotic voice app had more emotions than the people who had dubbed for human beings.

In short, this movie opens with a problem of solving a murder and ends up being a problem altogether!

Having said that, if you already have Amazon Prime subscription and are generally bored with the current Lockdown situation, why not watch it? After all, boredom is something we have common with everyone who had made this movie – we certainly have something to relate to at a personal level!



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