Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Another 360 days of Hope!

Basically, I am running late by 5 days when it comes to the first blog post of this brand-new year. That’s why I thought of using 360 days instead of 365 in the title – Just in case you were wondering if that was a typo!

Every New Year bring hope. It really seems as an excuse to restart something. Unlearn something. Even undo something. But this new year is the king… alright feminists, queen or maybe keeping the humanitarians in mind shall I say God. Oops! Then there are atheists. Alright… Let me reword… 2021 is THE year of hope! How about this? Haha. Well, jokes apart, we all hope, don’t we, for a corona free day… mask free outings… some vacations and not the so called “staycation”. Even students miss colleges; the non-workaholics also miss the formal attire, long commute and office.


2020 came as a surprise to all of us. We were simply not prepared for anything that it had to offer. And in 2021 at least we know what we could expect – the “new normal” that is, as we chose to call it.


Personally, I appreciate 2020 (well, that’s not just the optimist in me speaking alright).

It gave us all a chance to slow down and appreciate things that we had taken for granted. While indeed there was time to spend with the family and within the safe and warm constraints of our homes - we are those few blessed souls, aren’t we? We had a roof above our head and good supply of hand sanitisers, internet, OTT subscription, net banking to name a few - we dared to spend time with ourselves. We were forced to face ourselves, not just in the mirror which we used to look at to comb our hair or to dress up to step out, but also in our head and heart. That way, 2020 has been the best of bests!


There was the threat of this virus. Then there was fear of lay off. There were salary cuts. Children were restless. Elders were bored. Anxiety and uncertainty became the notorious offspring of 2020. But we managed them all. We survived and we have emerged – just like the phoenix in the great tales; we have written our great tale too. We all deserve a pat on our backs. Well done!!!! And yes, we also need THIS new year – just to smile and hope. Just to breath and be grateful. Just to close our eyes and be!


Happy New Year dear-dear readers…

Wishing you good health… joy and peace…

Let’s HOPE for mask free year!

Let’s sing and dance because this is THE year of HOPE…

2021 we are more ready than ever! Hahaha (not an evil laugh okay!)



  1. I too hope things will change for good. Let 2021 be a recovery year for all and make it a successful year from past learned lessons. Happy New Year