Tuesday, 26 October 2021

A Decade as Locomente!!!

It is an incredible 10 years today since Locomente was born on a Diwali afternoon. Life has not been the same after that. Things and world around me became my inspiration. And Locomente has been my source of motivation. 

The last 10 years has been a journey of great learning, exploring and experiencing new things. I read like never before. I watched movies with new eyes. And almost everything around me seemed different - as if they have a story to tell through me. Such has been the last decade for me. 

Over last decade, YouTube vlogs and Instagram reels have replaced the long blog posts. And here we are evolving… trying to write shorter and crisper... Rather, still staying motivated and just write! Honestly, writing these days has become tougher. I wonder why. Is it lack of ideas or lack of recognition. In these times of instant gratification, we all crave for likes and comments. How to consistently write without any rewards or recognitions? That's the burning question in my head as I sit and write this. Or generally as I sit and ponder.

Anyways, on this special day, all I could say is Locomente continues to be my alter ego with or without fame… likes… viewership and what not. I shall forever be grateful to Locomente for just being there and letting me be. After all, there are  miles to go before I sleep. Miles to go before I sleep!!!

Happy 10th Birthday to my dearest Locomente!!! 


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time out for the comment. Means a lot :)

  2. Writing is an intoxicant that grows stronger and stronger. Its happiness is indescribable.
    Keep going dr...!