Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Before The Coffee Gets Cold

Certain books have this incredible ability to transport us to another world. The words written would make us believe that such such a world exists, that there are such possibilities. BEFORE THE COFFEE GETS COLD is one such book!
Time travel is not a new idea for readers. There has been many books. In a way, it's our fantasy too. To relive a moment from past. To know the future in advance. This book toys on those ideas
But there are several rules. Time travel is allowed only once and for a limited time. We can't move around. Events that could be watched should have taken place at the coffee shop. There is restrictions related to movements. Present and future can't be changed and so on. Yet some people venture into it. And this is their story and experience
The book is based on a philosophy - past can't be changed. Present can't be changed. But we could always tweak our attitude to suit the future we like to have. It's about acceptance of past and being better prepared for the future. 
It's a tiny book. Just about 200 odd pages. The narrative is free flowing like the unlimited coffee services ar Funiculi Funicula cafe at the basement. Assured page turner. There are four parts and each consecutive part only becomes better than the previous one. The last one - Mother Daughter - made me emotional.
It's a lovely book. Each nano second is described detail that we feel like we were present there. During the first few pages, when the characters were introduced, i had difficulty in remembering the names and who is who. But it was just momentary. I wish the story of the "ghost" was explored too. I really wish to know her story!
Have you read it? If yes, did you like it? 

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