Sunday, 6 February 2022

Red, White & Royal Blue

In the acknowledgement, the author writes, "what I hope to do, and what I hope with this book by the time you've finished it, my dear reader, is to be a spark of joy and hope you needed". Trust me when i say this book was pure joy from the first page. The relationship graph between the protagonists Alex and Henry stretches from anonymity, hatefulness, forced friendship, love and belonging. Their love helps them understand them better and accept themselves as they are and for what they are only to realise that it is the magic mantra if we want others to accept us. The book oozes with positivity. While Alex's parents are utopian hope, Henry's are the customary realists. This startling difference makes this book into a compelling read

The backdrop of American first family and the British royal family renders a fairytale quality to the book - takes us to the Mills & Boons World actually. Although I hate such romantic books, I became a fan of this one because this is a coming of age book as well. Talks about a pertinent topic like LGBTQ

The book is funny at times. Realistic most of the times. And brought happy tears every now and then. An assured page turner...

Will there be a sequel? 

Have you read this one? Waiting to here your thoughts. If not... Please consider this one. It really ignites, spreads and retains joy!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Another 5 star read this year...

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