Sunday, 6 March 2022

purple Hibiscus

This book had been peering through my bookshelf for a few years now. So i picked it. Especially after reading #notesongrief I fell in love with the descriptive narrative style of the author
No words found describe how glad I am that i read this 305 paged marel. Purple Hibiscus is the coming of age tale of siblings, Jaja and Kambli, brought up in a patriarchal and religiously fanatic household. Their father Eugene is rich. Does charity. Runs a newspaper that speaks truth. He is a Pagan converted into Catholic who disowns his father for not converting too. He breaks ties with him and forbid his wife and children to have an contact except for an annual visit allowance granted to his children where they could spend exactly 15 minutes with their grandfather. On the contrary, his sister, Ifeona is rational and bold. A visit by Jaja and Kambili to their aunt's change their lives upside down
In an abusive/dysfunctional household, children mostly end up losing their childhood and the innocence that come with it. They tend not to talk or ask curious questions like children do. They are bound by fear of agitating their parents. Most of their childhood spent in ensuring that their parents do not disapprove them. The book which is written from the point of 15 years old Kambili captures that angst web very well
In the name of sin and religion, Eugene physically abuses his children. Kicking. Whipping. Pouring hot water. What not. Those moments tears our hearts apart. Yet there is an air of hope that lingers in author's words and the spaces between. It connects and binds the readers to that world - their world. It makes the reader pray that the rare purple Hibiscus bloom sooner...
I love love love this book and highly recommend to all if you haven't read already

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