Saturday, 20 August 2022

All your Perfects

All your Perfects by Colleen Hoover nudges us to look at what we have instead of what we don't! It's easier said than done, as we all know. The journey of the protagonists Quinn and Graham takes us through the difficulties and struggles we go through when the expectations and reality do not match. 

The detailed and non linear narrative makes this book an assured page turner. We get to know the protagonists from the moment they meet in not-so-ideal situation. In no time, they know they are meant to be together; they are soulmates! We get to see their happy days when they are madly in love, unable to keep their hands or thoughts away from one another. Then we also see the turmoil they go through. We learn that avoiding conflicts in a relationship could ruin everything. Love is not always enough. Communication and empathy is!

Graham is a sweetheart. Can there be men like that, we might wonder. Sometimes he is too cheesy (maybe only for me). Yet, he is that one person any girl would ever want. He is just perfect, yet not free from excuses and flaws. Quinn on the other hand is an emotional wreck. Her pain could be felt through the written words and it nearly kills us.

I am not a fan of romance anymore. While the bulk of book is about that, especially when the past is narrated, there is a significant portion that makes us reflect on the true meaning of relationship. We all live, don't we? As long as we breathe that is. But how can we be alive? By accepting the present and moving forward from the past? And by considering oneself over other's opinions about what should be. Maybe. 

Highly recommend this book. Very disturbing. Made me cry. Made me ponder. Also made me insanely in love with the writing style and the characters.



  1. That’s well written Locomente.. But don’t let a book make you cry.

    1. Some books have that ability! Thank you 😌