Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Coffee or You or Both?

You are just like a...
A perfect blend of some milk, coffee and sugar -
Just the way I like!
To which I am addicted;
Without which my day is incomplete.

Monday, 30 September 2019

A Farewell

Heart broke and tears spoke;
Words just remained unsaid. And -
It was a farewell!

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Cheers to the Fathers!

I am a fan of rains. The smell of it and its overall feel always seem surreal. The leaves look greener and everything looks cleaner. Growing up in Kerala also proved that rainy day is just like any other day. Everything would to be business as usual as long as there is umbrella, raincoat and rainy shoes! The recent flood stories proves it otherwise though.

However, Bangalore made me realize something different altogether. A few drizzles here and there is just enough for routine life to come a standstill. The roads would suddenly get welled up and the already crazy traffic would get madder. Needless to say, commute becomes challenging.

Saturday, 21 September 2019


What a beautiful piece of art!
Onlookers exclaimed and praised.
But only she knew -
Those were the broken pieces of her heart
Taking the shades of her shattered dreams.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Locomente Is Back!

Ask me not why, but I just jumped out of the couch and ran in search of my laptop. Well, it’s the same laptop that I stare at all through the day at work. Yet, I never took some time out to sit back and reflect on my thoughts or observe my surroundings. What’s worse is the fact that I almost forgot what imagination actually means. Deep within the corners of my heart, I still search for those bygone days where romancing words came easily to me. Those were the times when fictions seemed real and rendered a perfect escape from mundane life. Ah… Those days!!!

I am also reflecting on those multiple instances where I promised myself and to my alter ego – Locomente – that I will write more often; write more. Where did those promises go, I try to find them with a magnifying glass. I fail to get hold of them. They seem to have vanished in air, just like those tiny droplets that evaporate and mix with the greater universe. But, isn’t Locomente my greater universe too? That little nest in the blogosphere used to be so dear to me; it was a means to wander in a fantasy land.

Anyways, as Locomente always believes – Miles to go before I sleep. And when there are miles to travel, it is alright to sit back and relax. Maybe I was doing just that. And it’s time to retie the shoe lace and gear up for a long walk – need not necessarily be a less treaded one; but certainly much aspired one!

See you soon dear readers.
Proud to say that Locomente is back!!!