Monday, 23 May 2022

Let the Dreams Fly

Let the dreams fly-
Like homing pigeons.
Carrying the future we envision -
For ourselves.
The dreams could be small.
Or big.
Achievable now.
Sometimes later.
That doesn't matter.
Let them fly. 
Higher and higher.
The dreams know.
Like the homing pigeons;
Where to go and to whom.
Trust in your dreams.
The universe is the recipient -
Which is the grand spectrum of our thoughts and actions.
The universe listens.
Just like a body that strives and adapts 
Just like a mind that trains and focuses.
Believe in yourself.
Believe in the universe.
The homing pigeons always know where to go and whom.
So does your dreams -
They will come true.

Monday, 9 May 2022

Offer Words

If you offer words,
I shall answer; explain. Not -
If it is silence

Thursday, 5 May 2022

The Reader

I bought this book few months before cz of the appealing title. It was simple and i thought a photograph with it would be a nice for bookstagram. Then i picked the book today to read - did i expect anything as heart wrenching as this one? NO!!!
Michael Berg meets Hanna when he was fifteen. Though Hanna was 36 years old, their relationship blossoms. Physical intimacy aside, they bond over books - Michael reads to Hanna daily. Then one day, Hanna leaves. Michael ponders if he should have made her part of his wider social circle. If he should have paid more attention to the person she was. 6 years later they meet in shocking circumstances - Michael is a law student and Hanna is accused! Soon the plot shifts from young adult coming of age kind of book to the darkness of holocaust. The rest of the story painstakingly deals with Michael's efforts to redeem
While there are so many books around holocaust, this is a rare one that asks uneasy questions from SS officer perspective - the question of right and wrong! The apparent subjectivity of it
It is amazing that Hanna is alright to be branded as a heartless criminal than to confess her innocent secret
The book doesn't delve into aspects of right or wrong in conventional ways - but in more circumstantial and subjective way. The writing is free flowing; nothing seemed to be lost in translation
Highly recommend this one. Clearly could be finished in one sitting (I did!)

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

One Part Woman

Ponna and Kali are married for a dozen years. Yet they are insanely in love with eachother and refuse to keep hands off eachother like newly wed. They are hardworking and lead a comfortable life. Yet they aren't happy cz they are childless. Family/friends and strangers taunt them for not having a child. They call them names and treat them bad. Soon they learn to avoid people and any occasion that involves people. Their life turns miserable. They endlessly pray to God and perform all recommended prayers and offerings. Yet they are not showered with any blessing. Finally, Ponna participates in a temple ceremony where free sex is permitted for a night. It is believed that God whose one part is woman (Maadhorubaagan/Ardhanareeshwaran) would come in man's form and gift a barren woman with a child. However, Kali who is insanely in love with Ponna feels betrayed.
Why love is not enough? Is it really important to have offsprings? Why society always like to be unfriendly? Can people live life Island just because they don't confirm with the perceived norms? These are some of the blaring questions that the story throws
Though the story unravels in pre independence era, the plot and plight is still relevant. Outliers continue to be shunned. Over the years while Ponna becomes quirky and bold, Kali becomore subdued and 
Originally written in Tamil, the translation has some words which are difficult to understand. I am well versed in Tamil and it's culture cz of which i was able to relate to everything. Few insights could have been added in free flowing language to cater globally. 75% deals with the impact of childlessness in Ponna and Kai's life. Though important, it tends to become redundant and boring. The translation doesn't help either. But that's a minor thing because we'd surely root for Ponna and Kali. We'd empathize and adore them. Thus the book wins
This book became famous due to the controversy. I am glad that the controversy happened. If not we would not have known about this gem. The writer has a way to reach to our hearts and take us through the world he has beautifully woven
While Ponna and Kali are more victims than survivors, I loved Uncle Nallupayyan. His words would echo for a long time; nudge us think

Sunday, 1 May 2022


Picked this book based on a friend's recommendation who also diligently followed up to check if i have started at all. Then i saw cousin's cryptic post about the book in Instagram. In no time, i was reading it already. Before i knew it, it was so unputdownable that i was engrossed in that eerie, creepy, disgusting world the author has brilliantly woven. The reader in me wanted to continue reading. But the person that i am wanted to toss it away and run as far as possible
Trust me when i say the book blurb is very subtle and nothing would prepare you to read those written words. The story is too eerie that it is impossible to even imagine that such levels of manipulation could even be conceptualised fictional or otherwise. While we are still wondering about thst, we would have reached the end - epilogue. And tada! It further questions our instincts and the hours they spent with it
It is an intelligent book. Bone chilling plot indeed. But the love we feel for Jeremy seems real (now that i have finished reading it, i am not exactly sure about anything i read anymore). 
Per Google, Verity means: a true principle or belief, especially one of fundamental importance

What is my verity about this little book - well, i am trying to figure out. Ironically, the title is based on one of the protagonist's name. Ironically, we could never fathom verity of Verity. That's where the book becomes more than a book
I wish we knew little bit more about Verity, her childhood to understand why her mind was working the way it did. Or maybe its irrelevant 'cz she is just a writer with good imagination! Same applies to Lowen. Apparently the writing style of Lowen and Verity is said to be similar. We get some details about Lowen's distrubing childhood due to sleep walking. Not that it is life threatening. But such titbits about Verity would have helped us understand her psychopathic behaviour (or was there a lack of it?)
Spectacular writing always pushing the boundaries of the reader's intelligence makes this a compelling read. Was Verity a psychopath or a great writer? That's the only question swimming in my head as of now!
But would i recommend this as a great weekend reads - i doubt. It will take you to dark spaces. Pick it if you are bold/strong. Not for fickle hearts!!
Takeaway: Honestly it's better to be lost in an overpopulated city than be lost in one's own family !